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You may ask yourself why you should travel to this place so we have prepared answers for you. If you do not know much about this beautiful island then you should come visit it so you can find out why many tourists visit here. But there are major reasons you should visit here.

The beaches. There are many beaches you can visit in this island and one of them was even included in the list of the “Top 10 Beaches In The World” by Trip Advisor. That beach is Eagle Beach.

A place for couples. Many couples came to this island to have their honeymoon and they come back year after year. Others have had their proposals and others their wedding ceremonies here. It shows how many appreciate and love this island that they make it part of their lives stories.

The sunshine. The Caribbean islands normally have wet days more than sunny days but the Aruba island has more sunny days compared to the other islands located in the Caribbean. A perfect place to have an adventure.

The Arikok National Park. This park is preserved incredibly and is the largest in the Caribbean as a national park.

The adventure. You can find many things to do in this place like snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and others.

Shopping and food. You can find luxurious jewelry on this island and other branded stores. About food, you will find a diversity of food that makes it unique and very satisfying to eat. Do not worry if you only have US dollars as it is widely accepted in the island even without having to exchange it.