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Aruba History

One of the things that you want to listen when you go to a place is its history. Let us learn some of the histories of Aruba in this page. You can be able to relate to your tour guide when he starts to give you the history of the place. But you will hear from them more details of history especially each of the place you will visit. It start when Aruba was made to be a fishing outpost in the times of the Amerindians.

It changed into the hands of the Spanish and into the Dutch for the centuries that passed. That makes the island a diverse place. The Amerindians who were the first to live on the island are people who hunt, gather and fish for their living survival. Next came the explorer having the name of Alonso de Ojeda in the year 1499. He makes the island a part of Spain. He called it “la isla de los gigantes” which means “the island of giants” because of the tall inhabitants.

Next came the time of the Dutch people who occupied the place. That happened in the year 1636. It is to establish their supply of salt and also as a naval base as they are having war with Spain. The flag has a blue color that symbolizes the beaches of the island, a yellow color that symbolizes abundance, white color symbolizes the character of the beaches which is pristine, and the red color surely is for love.