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Travel Essentials

Traveling to a different place requires things that you should bring. That is because you will need them when you get there. You do not know what is there and what is not. But for your guidance to make your stay on this amazing island we give you lists of what you should bring and some tips.

Medicine. There are prescription drugs that you should buy before coming here as prescriptions made abroad may not be honored. Include other special needs for your health. It is better to be prepared anytime.

Sundries. For your convenience and also for the sake of cost, it is advised that you bring your daily needs so you can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying your stay in the island rather than being busy seeking your needs and buying them.

Clothing. Bring your clothes that you are comfortable but also casual as it is the usual; clothes on the island. You can do shopping but it is best if you bring what you will use for convenience. Bring also your bathing suits and nightwear.

Groceries. If you have your favorite snack you could bring them. But there is four major supermarket in the sialnd where you can buy your grocery needs. You can also find smaller groceries in the neighborhood.

You can bring your gadgets but make sure to protect them. There is a wifi available in different areas like airport, restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, and beaches. But they come with costs. Other hotels offer laptops for use of customers but also with rates of internet use.